BCAA Donating PPE To Local Hospitals

By Gloria Lu From a local contagion in January to a global pandemic in March, Covid-19 is the “Black Swan” that most of us have only heard of in arts and literatures depicting horrific plagues in ancient history.  As many Asian-Americans in Bridgewater and surrounding areas have deep roots in China and beyond, many of us find ourselves emotionally attached to the health crisis as it quicklyContinue reading “BCAA Donating PPE To Local Hospitals”


3/24/20 Tuesday: 今天下午1点,我们代表大家来到Township 办公楼前,阳光明媚微风吹动,但警车一辆一辆呼啸而出,这里仿佛跟往常的景象截然不同了,大楼的门前都贴着告示已经不能再让外人进入,但工作人员还花里面坚守岗位,维持一个5万5千居民的一个大镇的正常秩序。 在警察局前,桥水镇的执行总管Wells Winegar早早地就等待了,互相问候,我们保持了六英尺的距离。 在看见我车子到后把六七袋/箱由十九家庭仅左两天内捐赠的口罩、手套,消毒液和酒精擦拭纸巾等搬到了一个椅子旁,他开始一件件取出来在椅子上摆好说要照相。 原本要来参加接受捐赠的另一位OEM的警官在急速驶出的警车中出现场了,OEM的领导、警察局长Paul Payne 出来后第一句话就是:非常感谢华人社区的支持和捐赠,他想上来握手,好像马上想起了什么就会意笑了笑,我们距离也是六尺,但可以感受到彼此之间的零距离的信任和关怀。 我们分别站在捐物两边留影纪念,我们中间的椅子上“坐”着乡亲们从自己家中挤出来的、珍贵的保护品。执行总管热情地接受了我们的捐赠,并衷心感谢整个的华裔社区,特别是对第一波响应捐物的众家庭,BCAA代表Henry Wang 介绍了我们华人社区正在进行的保护社区和救急医护人员的行动,也表达了我们的愿望和对工作在桥水第一防线上的警察,消防员,急救人员,和医护人员等的敬意和感谢! 看着人高马大的警察局长和执行总管,Henry幽默的说:我们用急需物资来保护好你们的健康,你们就能好好保护全镇的居民了!他们马上回答:那是肯定的! Together, we can conquer COVID-19.

BCAA – Huge Efforts Show Huge Results

By Sharon L Over the course of a mere four days, the BCAA raised, bought, retrieved, and distributed over $10,000 worth of much needed medical supplies and equipment to two local hospitals. Our deepest thanks goes to all of those who donated and volunteered in the effort. Just this morning, two volunteers drove fours hoursContinue reading “BCAA – Huge Efforts Show Huge Results”

BCAA In Action

Never in a million years would anyone foresee such a tumultuous time that we are experiencing in light of the current global COVID-19 outbreak.  Our heartfelt prayers go out to families impacted by what President Trump calls “the invisible enemy”.  We are grateful to the countless government officials, private sector leaders and workers, health care professionals, andContinue reading “BCAA In Action”