BCAA In Action

Never in a million years would anyone foresee such a tumultuous time that we are experiencing in light of the current global COVID-19 outbreak.  Our heartfelt prayers go out to families impacted by what President Trump calls “the invisible enemy”.  We are grateful to the countless government officials, private sector leaders and workers, health care professionals, and all the essential workers for their leadership and sacrifices to keep us safe and protected. 

Our Bridgewater community is blessed with members from the Bridgewater Chinese American Association (BCCA), who recently formed a committee, BCAA In Action.  The group has prioritized a list of actions to help the community stay strong, leveraging the even larger Chinese populations in Somerset, Hunterdon and Essex counties, to name a few.  Some of the contributions to date include:

  • Since February, the committee has been in close communications with the Bridgewater municipality, Board of Education, and public schools to promote public awareness and suggest to the officials to take action. Such actions include school closures and suspending public events and recreational activities to protect the wellbeing of the residents. 
  • BCAA secured supplies from China and purchased medical grade masks (such as N95).  Shipments are expected to arrive in NJ during the week of March 22nd and will be donated to local hospitals.  The total monetary donation as of March 20 is $8800. 
  • On a smaller scale, volunteers donated roughly 100 of their own masks, gloves, and other protective items to hospitals such as Hunterdon Medical Center and Newark Beth Israel.

As the outbreak unfolds in front of us, the daily inconveniences for many of us is small compared to the financial devastation that small businesses are facing, the risks that health care professionals are facing, and the sacrifices that many essential workers are making.  Please feel free to share your ideas and support. Contact BCAA at bcaachair@gmail.com

Winston Churchill once said “This is no time for Ease and Comfort.  It is time to Dare and Endure.”  United, we will turn the tide!

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