“What has changed in your typical day since the coronavirus lockdown?”

By Sophie Cheng Because of this unfortunate global pandemic, lots of time has been on my hands.  With this time, I’ve been able to work on calligraphy, something that I’ve always shown interest in but had little time for.  My teachers and friends always compliment my nice handwriting and calligraphy and different typefaces have comeContinue reading ““What has changed in your typical day since the coronavirus lockdown?””

The Sun Is Above The Clouds

By Gloria Lu To say Covid-19 has profoundly disoriented our lives is probably an understatement.  Three weeks of social distancing for most families in Bridgewater has tested our resiliency,unveiled the power of community, and awakened our creativity to better cope with the situation.  While there is no shortage of politicians and journalists bickering at each other, endless live conferences, and statistical models projecting the pandemic, there isContinue reading “The Sun Is Above The Clouds”