Keep Our Community Clean and Beautiful

The date was October 17th, 2020. It was a Saturday, and most people were probably at home lazing about, while others were out playing elsewhere. But if someone took a moment to go down to the Bridgewater township municipal complex, they might have noticed an odd group of people. Those people were all wearing masks, gloves, and each held a trash bag or a stick to pick trash up with. They were out and about cleaning up the trash scattering around. It is thanks to any volunteers like these that everyone can enjoy a clean and beautiful community.

The community cleaning event described above was organized by the Bridgewater Chinese American Association (BCAA), whose mission is to unify the Chinese Americans and get involved in and contribute to local communities. During the events, all the volunteers practiced social distancing and took precautions (e.g. wearing masks and gloves) to ensure safety. BCAA thanks all volunteers, including 8 children: Zachary Hsieh, Jake Luo, Issac Tian, Andrew Wang, Ethan Wang, Victoria Wang, Andrew Zhang, and Bryan Zou, and 10 parents: Judy Cheng, Jean Lee, Erin Hsieh, Tao Luo, Carol Shi, Michael Tan, Henry Wang, Tianjiao Wang, Chris Zhang, and Ling Zheng. BCAA thanks Jean Li for making home-made candies and Carol Shi for bringing cookies as gifts for kids participating in this event. BCAA would also like to thank the Township Human Services for the support and for providing cleaning tools.

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