COVID-19 Donations Page


  1. Check Form:
    • Pay to – Reaching For Excellence
    • Address – 9 Revere Ave, Bridgewater NJ 08807
  2. Paypal / Zelle / Venmo
    • (Please use the “Friend and Family” option on PayPal to avoid extra fees)
  3. GoFundMe Charity


Confirm your donation by sending an email titled “COVID-19 Medical Support” to Please include the following:

  • Your WeChat username (for matching purposes)
  • Your full English name
  • Contact information (phone number and email address)
  • Payment method and amount donated
  • Proof of payment (for CPA internal use). This should be a screenshot of the summary of the donation page in Paypal or Zella, or a picture of the check.


BCAA will:

  1. Check the fund raised amounts daily
  2. Publish the number of donors and total donations
  3. Send an email confirmation and receipt to donors
  4. Update donors when supplies are bought and distributed

All spending is transparent. You can see where each dollar you donate goes.

The BCAA thanks you for your generosity. Stay safe and healthy!

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